World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day

15th June 2018 0 By Rittu Jacob

On 12th April 2018, The United Nations approved it as an official United Nations day of awareness in order to promote cycling as a means of transport and leisure.

The logo was designed by the artists keeping in mind different types of bicycles and the globe. with the hash tag,  #June3WorldBicycleDay.

People and groups across the country has come forward to support the cause of cycling.

One of the most active cycling groups in Mumbai is organizing a ride to spread the message of health benefits one can achieve through cycling.

In Kochi, Cochin Bikers Club in association with Grand Hyatt and CPPR is organizing a 50 KM ride.  They have 200 registered participants for the event.

Paravur Bikers club has joined hands with Thrissur on a Cycle to organize a long distance endurance ride to Athirappalli.

One could say, the rise of cycling as a sport, leisure and a means of transportation will solve many problems of the world.

There needs to be a constant push and support from various stakeholders, especially from the media to campaign the idea of cycling to all corners of our society.